i-Estimator is an online calculator available in Member Services Online to project your potential final CSS benefit to your preferred date of exit for options including:

You can also alter factors such as your contribution rate, final super salary and length of service to see the potential difference you may make to your situation.

Using i-Estimator, you always have an idea how much to expect in future.

If retirement is less than 12 months away, ask us for a written benefit estimate.

You cannot use i-Estimator if:

i-Estimator will also not correctly project your potential final CSS benefit in the following scenarios if you have paid a transfer value into CSS:

Are you a first-time user?

Because i-Estimator uses information from your most recent Member Statement to project your potential final benefit, you cannot use i-Estimator until you receive your first Member Statement if you are a new member or recently began re-contributing.