Pensioner Services Online

For CSS, 1922 and PNG pensioners

Pensioner Services Online provides easy and secure access to manage your super account. It can be accessed anytime from anywhere. 

First time user?

You will need to register for Pensioner Services Online to get access. Registering is easy and takes only a few minutes.

Simply go to Register Account and provide your Pension Reference Number.

Once you have verified your identity and set a password, you can immediately login and start managing your super.

Pensioner login

Registered pensioners can login using your member number, this is your old AGS number, and password (formerly Access Number).

Make sure you are entering CS = CSS, PN - PNG or OS = 1922 at the end of your member number.

Contributors and deferred benefit members use Member Services Online.


Register to access Pensioner Services Online. 

Forgotten password?

Reset your Pensioner Services Online password.